Creative Solutions Services was one of the most thorough agencies I have worked with. They really took the time to get to know me, what type of environment I would enjoy working and the type of opportunity I was looking for. Creative Solution Services managed me through the full interview process, the offer stage and followed up with me after I started working in my new role. They have been great about keeping in touch with me over the years. I continue to leverage Creative Solution Services for advice on my organizational issues and hiring needs.
— VP candidate placed at a Fortune 500 financial services client
The Creative Solution Services recruiter I worked with is one of the most skilled recruiters I know – and I’ve worked with many both as colleagues, as well as, my vendors as a hiring manager. She is thorough, dedicated, detail-oriented but more importantly, she has a rare instinct about people that you just can’t teach or train. I’d put her in the top 5% of recruiters out there, she’s a gem. Creative Solution Services was a pleasurable to work with.
— Sales Manager candidate placed at a major e-commerce company