Cross Border Search

We are seeing a huge growth in demand for executive talent from multinational and local venture backed companies in emerging markets (India, Russia, China, and the Middle-east). They are looking for seasoned talent from the US and Europe. In particular, these emerging markets are seeking expatriates returning to their country of origin. For example: Indians who have been educated in the United States, worked as an executive for a period or time and now are looking to go back to their home country with their experiences.

Companies are hoping to find talent who has a broad range of experiences working in multinational companies in finance, operations, and marketing but who also have enough local knowledge of the region that they can acclimate easily.

Creative Solutions Services has built a dedicated practice and strong network to service this market. We understand the cultural and organizational challenges to find, attract and retain executive talent. We have a very strong network on the ground to help you find top executives with a strong interest in entering into emerging markets.

“Global corporations are recognizing that they have to structure themselves in a manner that will allow emerging market executives to have opportunities to climb the executive ladder. There has been a big shift in the thinking of major multinational corporations. They’re realizing that power can’t stay just in their native country“

Ashish Kaushal – President, Creative Solutions Services