Success in the MSP - Contingent Workforce Staffing

Over 70% of our revenue comes from Clients who have outsourced the management of their contingent staffing programs to a Managed Service Provider or Vendor Management System, Creative Solutions Services, appreciates and embraces the value an MSP brings to the table. We have worked hard to align our recruitment model with the MSP / VMS environment and have built a metric-based approach that complements MSPs and results in better performance for our Clients.

While many staffing firms are either running away from MSP programs or trying to figure out ways to break the rules and go around the system, Creative Solutions Services, seeks out to partner with clients and work closely with the MSP programs. We view the MSP as an extension of our sales organization and therefore let them sell our services on our behalf. We pride ourselves in our ability to build strong relationships with the MSP program managers, provide market data to help them guide the client on industry trends and the competitive landscape. We focus on recruiting and delivery by providing high quality passive and active candidates rapidly to our clients. The proof is in our success and the quality of service we provide.

Many firms look to create efficiencies and cost savings by offshoring recruiting and hiring lower skilled labor to do the recruiting. What you generally get is a lot of resume paper submitted but the candidates are not necessary qualified and just creates more work for the program manager to vet through to find quality resumes. We believe you create efficiency and cost savings by investing in quality recruiters located in geographic depressed locations, education and training which results in higher productivity per recruiter, higher quality candidates and greater cost savings. From a program managers and customers’ perspective, this is great because they can count on getting high quality submittals 100% of the time from us.

Our Dedicated Account Teams deploy a pro-actively built candidate pool matched to specific client needs, while our job profile repository reinforces a strong understanding of resource needs across clients and geographies. The cost advantages of our Distributed Delivery Model coupled with the fact that our pricing model takes MSP fees into consideration mean the client’s spend on contingent staffing is optimized.

We are actively working with all major MSP providers including: Pontoon, Allegis, Kelly Services, Guidant Group, Tapfin, and Agile-1.

Additionally, we’ve built expertise on a variety of VMS tools such as FieldGlass, IQ Navigator, Beeline, Peopleclick, Taleo, amongst others. These factors result in a high level of service and performance within such clients. Quite simply, our goal is to provide our clients the right candidates at rapid speeds while being the easiest staffing provider you have ever worked with. We call our model – Staffing Supplier Simplified!

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