SOW – Consulting Solutions


Creative Solutions Services is a premier management consulting and technology solutions organization. We partner with clients to deliver consulting solutions surrounding Technology, Process, and Change initiatives where Creative Solutions Services shares in the risk and responsibility for solution delivery.

Solution Focus Areas

Creative Solutions Services, LLC brings over twelve years of experience with Fortune 100 clients providing services and solutions surrounding Project Delivery Management, Technology Delivery & Solutions, and Performance Management & Improvement. We accomplish this by hiring and retaining consulting specialists in these disciplines and leveraging Creative Solutions Services’s specialized recruiting team to ensure our ability to deliver the right team at the right time. While Creative Solutions Services Solutions’ delivery capacity is centered on these practice areas, we continually evolve based on the demands of Creative Solutions Services clients. 


Guiding Principles

Integrity & Honesty – We are partners to our clients and the framework to any successful partnership is complete honesty and acting with Integrity.

Reputation – We believe that for Creative Solutions Services to grow, we must have 100% referenceable projects.

No Surprises – Communication is the cornerstone of our success. That is why we will always communicate successes as well as potential issues and concerns. Our goal is to help guide our clients to success.

Partnership – Creative Solutions Services is not successful until our client succeeds. We will work to exceed expectations…meeting expectations is not enough!

Engagement Model

Creative Solutions Services is committed to partnering with our clients to help capitalize on their opportunities and solve their business/technology issues and challenges. Our engagement model is a multi-step process developed to insure that both Creative Solutions Services and its client document and understand each party’s specific commitments.

Step 1 – Identifying Opportunities & Understanding Issues and Challenges – Interview/Review the appropriate resources and documents to obtain a high level understanding of the project opportunities, issues, challenges, and expectations.

Step 2 – Proposal – Utilizing our experience and resources, we will develop a proposal that documents our understanding, key assumptions, expected deliverables, timeline, and estimated project costs.

Step 3 – Statement of Work (SOW) & Delivery – Once the proposal has been reviewed, updated as necessary, and accepted, we will prepare a detailed SOW in accordance with the client’s standards that will be used to govern the project.

Creative Solutions Services, LLC is 100% committed to customer satisfaction.Once the SOW is executed and the project started, we will actively manage and report status against the timelines, cost estimates, or other metrics provided in our SOW and, if issues arise that we believe could negatively impact our ability to deliver in accordance with the SOW, we will quickly bring it to your attention along with our recommendations for resolving the issues.

While we will tailor each SOW to meet your project’s requirements, our SOWs normally fall into one of three categories.

o   Fixed Bid – Fixed Bid projects normally have a contractual commitment to costs and timeline.Project billings are normally based on the completion of deliverables or milestones.

o   Not-to-Exceed – Not-to-Exceed projects provide a maximum (but not a minimum) on the total project costs required to complete the deliverables in the SOW.Not-to-Exceed projects are normally billed as time and costs are incurred.

o   Time & Materials – Time & Materials projects have no contractual commitment to costs or timeline.Time & Materials projects are billed as time and costs are incurred